DIY fishing

Phu Quoc_fishing

This is a challenging approach, however with a little work, there are some of opportunities to try some Do It Yourself fishing. Here’s a quick few ideas of how to go about this on Phu Quoc;

With a little searching around town, you should be able to find some fishing line along with hooks, floats and sinkers, try the local markets or some of the supply stores.
Check with your guest house or a restaurant if they are able to cook your fish (if you catch one of course). Most smaller guest houses and local restaurants will be more than happy to do this or provide a hot grill plate to BBQ your catch.

Squid fishing in Phu Quoc
Squid fishing in Phu Quoc

Remember to buy some bait at the local market, there’s plenty of squid or small fish available.
Find a good fishing spot;
This could be a remote beach or rock platform where your motorbike takes you; or
Search around either Duong Dong or An Thoi Towns and hire a small fishing boat and driver to take you out onto the open water where you’re chances improve immensely.
Remember to take a hat, it’s hard work.