Chez Carole restaurant Phu Quoc

Chez Carole Duong Dong Restaurant

Before opening the resort in Phu Quoc, Vietnam, Chez Carole was a restaurant in Duong Dong city center.

Opened in 2004 Chez Carole restaurant Phu Quoc can accommodate up to 150 people, but is also suitable for small groups. The atmosphere is one of vacation, with a nice outdoor setting. You can have a BBQ at your table, order some western food or the specialty of the house – the renowned Phu Quoc seafood mix plater. In fact you can get quite everything you are craving for at Carole restaurant, just ask for it… The Vietnamese specialties are a real treat, so beware, you rather book your evening; especially since most night a Filipino band is performing after dinner – from 9 PM onward.

Chez Carole Duong Dong
Chez Carole Duong Dong

Chez Carole’s bar

But you don’t have to come and eat something to appreciate the venue. Chez Carole is as well a bar, in fact it has one of the largest square bar in Phu Quoc island. So you can just drop by and grab a cocktail, a beer, a glass of whisky or simply a fruit juice – we will be more than happy to serve you whatever refreshment you feel like having at Carole’s.

Chez Carole’s buffet

On week-end Carole’s often offer a Vietnamese buffet, so for a fair price you can try all kind of Vietnamese dishes and specialties cooked by our well known Vietnamese kitchen team. Chez Carole restaurant buffet has made a reputation for itself among the local population and the tourists for years already.